Sunrise At Center Grove

Ever have a shot framed in your mind but never found the right situation to pull it off?     I’ve been carrying this one around in my head for months waiting for  the right combination of sky, clouds and sun position.   Today was the day. 

This is Center Grove, the Civil War Era Cemetery here on the farm.  North Carolina is filled with small family cemeteries located in farm fields.  Many are still in use.   This one is not.  The last burial was in the 1930’s or 40’s.     Most of the graves are Confederate Veterans of the North Carolina Infantry and their wives.    As you might imagine, there are visitors from time to time.  People researching their family heritage or Civil War Buffs.  I’ve taken many photographs here.  Lots of sunrises and sunsets.   What is it about cemeteries that attracts photographers?  But I had never composed a shot this way.  With the Grove of Live Oaks and Pines backlit by the rising sun.  It was probably the perfect opportunity to use a split neutral density filter which allows one to expose on the ground without blowing out the sky.  But that wasn’t the effect I was after.  I took several versions of this.  They’re all on my website which you can reach by clicking on “John Harding Art Prints” just to the right.  But this one is the one I’d been visualizing since last fall.  Waiting for Sun to make its way to this particular spot in the field.  Some things are worth waiting for.   Thanks for the look.  See you soon on most of this same blog.

6 thoughts on “Sunrise At Center Grove

  1. John,

    Truley a great pictue of the grave yard. As you know my great grandfather, Thomas Henry Hardison, Confed. Vet. and his wife Rebecca Taylor are buried there. Also, thank you and your wife for you hospitality when my wife and I visited the farm.

  2. Lovely photo! Just perfect, I’d say. I love cemeteries, especially the old ones with odd tombstones. I love to go at different times of the year in order to catch the various lighting situations and off course to see who is buried there :).

  3. Beautiful! If this were taken anywhere, it would stunning, but I love how the solitary cluster of trees seems to mirror the lonely feeling of the cemetery. Very very cool.

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