The Snowless Winter

What a letdown this Winter has been.  No Snow.  Not one flake.  Not even the threat of a flurry.  Nothing.  They got some snow last week up in Raleigh and along the Virginia border but here….just rain.  You’d think the local grocery stores would have gotten together by now to persuade a TV weather guy to at least mention the word to produce a nice run on bread and milk but No!  Frankly, I think the heavy frost the other morning would have at least scared the schools into closing.  Doesn’t take much to close the schools here.  But I don’t think  anybody got up early enough to see the big freeze….and by 9 oclock it was about gone.   Looked pretty impressive for a while though.

We need some snow here for aesthetic reasons.  It covers all the leftovers from the cotton harvest in the fields.  All those stalks and stuff.   What I wouldn’t give for a few inches.  Just one morning would I like to grab a sunrise out here with some snow on the ground.  Frost just doesn’t do. Obviously I am trying to jinx what many consider our good luck in avoiding the really frigid stuff.  The Kinston Municipal Electric Company where we get our power has some of the highest rates in the country if not the highest ….. and I don’t care to pay them any more than anyone else but one morning with a few inches of snow wouldn’t break the bank……Just a few inches.  You think?    See you soon on most of this same blog.

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