Major Makeovers at Photo Sharing Sites

Call them makeovers, upgrades or major renovation jobs, but two big photo sharing sites have just gone through a major do over or are about to.    500px unveiled their new look earlier this week and there’s word that flickr is going to take the wraps off  a huge makeover on the 28th.  The entire flickr site was down for an hour or two this afternoon.  Trying to log in got  you a “connection refused” message.   I have no clue whether it had  anything to do with the do over.  I checked again around 7pm EST and the site was back up.   Over at 500px, which has been grabbing a lot of disgruntled flickr users of late,  the new look plasters a page called “flow” as a users home page displaying recent uploads in different sizes.   500 has also added a storefront from which members will be able to market their shots should they want to.   The site had pulled the plug with Fotomoto some months ago and had been promising a replacement for some time.   Several of my contacts at 500 are not happy with the new look and frankly, I’m not too lathered up about it either.  Perhaps driving it a while will boost my enthusiasm.  I’m really curious as to what flickr has up its sleeve.  I suspect they will do away with a lot of the white space on the site and boost up the size of photographs displayed.  My major wish is for the default look on flickr to be the “On Black” or as its also known, the “light box” view.   Perhaps  they will see fit to stop blacklisting thousands of their paying customers from the explore club  which is supposed to represent the best shots on the site.  Kinda hard for it to be a sample of the best if so many members are banned or as flickr calls it “throttled” from being included.  Stay tuned.  See you next time on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Major Makeovers at Photo Sharing Sites

  1. Interesting blog….I think I’ve been throttled, too…It has been ages since I’ve been on Explorer in flickr. Funny thing is that when I first started Flickr a few years a go, I was often on Explore….Now, that I have learn more photography skills, I don’t make Explorer any more….I’d like to explore Explore and find out what they are doing and how they are finding photos…Oh well…I’ve got some great contacts on flickr, and I value their comments more than Explore anyway….

    As for all the other changes going on our photo sites, if it need fixing, change it, other wise leave it alone! I was quite happy with the old 500px with Fotomoto..I love my Fine Art America site though….I guess when it comes down to it…about all we can count on these days is “Change”….Yikes!

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