I owe it to Henry!

Our house is pretty much soundproof so when you can hear the wind outside,  it’s howling!  I heard it this morning around 6AM when I woke up.  It was Henry Morgan’s doing.  Henry is my cat.  I named him after a 1950’s disc jockey and TV Personality in New York.  We made the mistake a while back of giving Henry a cat nip treat one morning.  Cat’s don’t forget.  So like clockwork,  every morning Henry hops up on the bed at 6 oclock sharp ( yes Henry even adjusts for daylight time) and proceeds to lick my nose.    I’ll usually roll over and go back to sleep and Henry usually leaves me alone ……for maybe 15 minutes before that second lick.  But this morning, Henry really wanted that treat.   When the lick didn’t do it,  he started patting his paw on my head.  Henry rules.    On my way to the kitchen with Henry trotting at my heels,    I noticed the first hint of daylight filtering through the pines.  There was a hint of pink and I knew wind or not, I had to hike out to the field to get a shot.

Thanks Henry.  See you next time on most of this same blog.

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