March Madness

We were already thinking about publishing tide charts for the fields!   Slow Creek which meanders its way down to the Farm Wetlands usually reflects its name.  Now it’s a torrent.  Out in the fields, you could almost hear the ground gurgling.

And this was before the latest deluge.  Three days of solid, never letting up rain. I have no idea how much.  Our rain gauge tops out at 3 inches.    Thankfully, the severe stuff that spawned all those killer tornadoes ran out of gas in Western North Carolina but not before causing some horrendous damage near Charlotte.  It gave new meaning to March Madness substituting storms for basketball.  So we got lucky.  Just rain.  Probably the most we have seen here since Hurricane Isabelle.  It gave our weather radio a workout blasting off constant alarms.  The animals already knew.  They were lining up in pairs waiting on Noah.   See you next time on most of this same blog.

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