I’m not a big user of flash in photography.  I seldom use the pop up flash unit on my cameras and the only speedlight I have is not very speedy.  It’s a Metz unit that dates from the 70’s.  But every now and then I’ll come up on a situation that requires a little accent or fill light.  When that happens I pull out my trusty little 21 LED flashlight. I bought it eons ago from Lee Valley on line.  I also bought the gizmo they sell that holds the flashlight freeing up your hands.  I modified it a bit so it’ll fit on a tripod.  Not real high tech and honestly not very professional looking but hey, it works.  So I had to grin a bit  the other day when I came across an article in Digital Photo Magazine by Bruce Dale.  If you don’t know who Bruce Dale is, pull out some of those National Geographic Magazines you’ve probably got stacked up somewhere.  Bruce worked for the magazine for 30 years.  More than 2000 of his shots were published. Right there in print in the January/ February issue is Bruce saying his camera bag includes a small flashlight that focuses to a tight beam.   I was right proud of myself for having thought of it before I read Bruce’s article.   What I hadn’t thought of is using a Tupperware lid as a light diffuser..  Thanks Bruce.

Is it time to write the final obit on Winter?.  Could be.  The latest evidence: Peach Blossoms.  I saw them this morning.

Not as sharp as i like. The wind off the ocean is still howling after the weekend storm but there they are.  We had a frost last night but it didn’t seem to phase them.  Winter appears to have a been a big no show.   See you next time on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Validation

  1. Thank you for the idea. Those led flashlights are so useful and light weight. I just put one in my camera bag…

    I have to admit, while in Arizona on my last trip, my night photography was so bad, that I got our flashlight out and played around flashing the trees while trying to photograph the stars…My results were not too exciting, but I certain saw possiblilities with the proceedure 🙂

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