Plan B!

My plan wasn’t to take a shot of the western sky on this particular morning but to grab the dawn light in the East..  My usual plan of attack.     Problem was, all the clouds in the East were very low on the horizon leaving most of the sky incredibly bright.  Too bright as in blown out.  .A split neutral density filter would have fixed the problem but alas it was home in the bag.  Ain’t that always the case!  So plan B!    I turned around.  I kinda liked what I saw.

The first thing that hit me were those wonderful puffy whites reflecting the warm light of dawn.  A rare case of the high clouds being in the West instead of the East.  And that  spec of one of the barns glowing in the morning light in the distance provided a nice anchor for the composition.    I was glad to salvage a shot.   It had been a long walk to get to where I was in the field.  About a mile and a half.  I walk a lot to get shots and while the exercise is always a good thing,  it’s better to have a little something to show for it.  See you next time on most of this same blog.

One thought on “Plan B!

  1. Plan B worked out real well…The colors are fantastic! I tell you that early morning walk is such a good thing, and then to see and capture the sights that you do, that is another good thing…killing two birds with one stone as they say…wonderful combo…

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