A Pile of Jazz

……With just a little help from yours truly.   And now, the rest of the story.   There’s a shortcut  through the woods to my house from the fields and this time of the year it is lined with  Carolina Jasmine vines, now blooming their bright yellow  heads off.    The vines, which are highly invasive, climb high in the hardwoods and pines and whenever  there is a good stiff breeze, which is often here, the blooms take a tumble, carpeting the path below.  Yesterday, I noticed a rather substantial pile of them just below a large growth of Jasmine  about 25 feet up in a Lob Lolly Pine tree.   I came back with my leaf rake and my camera and with a quick sweep, I had a rather large dense pile of Jazz.  Call it free jazz.  See you next time on most of this same site….and have a great weekend.

Nikon D90 with a 60mm micro lens.

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