First Flutterby

Sometimes you just get lucky.  I had ventured up to the entrance to the farm to grab a few shots of the newly opened Cherry Blossoms.  I had my first shot all framed up and locked into position on my tripod when along comes this Gorgeous Monarch Butterfly and plops himself right on my focus point.  Three quick snaps and Whoosh, he was gone.  I waited for a while to see if he would come back but I suppose he had other blooms to call upon.   The first shot was the charm.  It was a good day.  See you next time on most of this same site.

One thought on “First Flutterby

  1. What a beautiful visitor…and image. The cherry blossoms are so delicate and the butterfly really makes this image outstanding and delightful. I love when everything comes together like this one did…beauty at its best!

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