Miss Ruby’s Reds

Miss Ruby was the Matriarch of the Kennedy Family (My Wife’s Mother)   and this is one of the big red Formosa Azaleas she planted more than 70 years ago.  There are deep red varieties, ruffled varieties, bright red, and a light red which is the one pictured.  The Azaleas and the Rhododendrons are planted under wild dogwood trees which are also now coming into bloom.  Ain’t Spring just grand.    I shot this in some rather dense fog yesterday morning which, along with the depth of field,  give an almost surreal look to them.  Thanks for the look.  See you next time on most of this same site.

One thought on “Miss Ruby’s Reds

  1. What a fine vibrant red it is….How wonderful to have historical family plants to remember your loved ones by…I wonder how long the azaleas live? 70 is quite old for a plant…most interesting…They sure are producing lovely blossoms still…That is really fantasitc when you stop and think about it! Yes, Spring is grand!

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