Dogwood Day Afternoon

I had spent the morning in an area of the farm we call Dogwood Dell; about 20-30 wild Dogwood Trees that have come up over the years among the Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Camellias.   They’re all bursting into bloom now and I wanted to get some macro shots of the just opened Dogwood Blooms with my 60mm.  But, alas, the wind was too strong so I put the Camera and Tripod in my truck and decided to drive into town to mail a couple of rolls of film I had shot over the past few months.  I was still thinking Dogwoods though and as I drove up to the Post Office,  I remembered the Memorial Gardens at my church.  Jackpot!  The huge Dogwoods in front of the church were in glorious, full bloom.  Absolutely brilliant in the late morning sun.  And the best part was, no wind to speak of.   The shooting conditions were perfect. Unsure of when to call it a wrap, I just kept composing and shooting.  It had become a true Dogwood Day Afternoon, and unlike the movie, this version only had blooms in the vault. Have a great weekend everybody.  See you next time on most of this same site.

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