The Lenten Rose

The plants, very popular with gardeners, flower in the early spring around the period of Lent and are widely known as the Lenten Rose.  The white variety is often called  the Christmas Rose.  Actually they are not roses at all but rather belong the the genus Helleborus.  They’re also called the Oriental Helleborus.   They are native to  much of Europe, across the Mediterranean, along the Turkish coast and on into the Caucasus.  I found this one in the Memorial Garden at my church where it is called, of course, The Lenten Rose.


If you suffer from these as I do from time to time, you  know why photography was the last thing on my mind yesterday.  My vision goes haywire for about 15 to 20 minutes making focusing on just about anything impossible.  It usually starts on the left side of my eyes and slowly advances across the field of vision.  It is often followed by a headache.  Not the 12 alarm kind my wife has but rather a dull, nagging throb at one temple or the other.   I will usually take a sumatriptan pill at the first sign of one and that usually makes the pain tolerable but as many migraine sufferers will tell you, the cure is almost as bad as the headache.  One feels completely washed out.   Anyway, that’s why the cameras stayed in the bags yesterday and my fingers stayed away from this keyboard.  See you next time on most of this same site….hopefully with no squiggly lines darting across my vision.

3 thoughts on “The Lenten Rose

  1. Sorry, to hear about your headache. I thought you must be at the beach having fun or something….That is too bad….I wonder if the Spring pollen started it…My husband is sneezing his head off….

    Interesting info about the Lenten Rose…It is different looking, isn’t it…beautiful photo though…

  2. John, I too suffer from the ocular migraines. Mine are characterized by bright flashing arrows always moving from right to left across my line of vision.When this happens, there is no photography, reading, computer or driving. I had two in the same day last week.Sometimes there is a severe headache, sometimes not, but either way it can ruin my day.

  3. Doug, I’ve found I can control mine to a degree by staying hydrated (water), Staying away from Aspartame (Diet Soda), and taking an Advil on days when I have gotten very hot. When I do get one, An Aspirin, An Advil and 65 mg of Caffeine will usually kick the pain. If not, I’ll add a Sumitriptan. Mainly though, I drink a lot of water every day.

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