Made In The Fade

These hot pink Azaleas are just beginning to tip past their peak in color.  This usually doesn’t start to happen here until late April.  Testament to how early Spring really did arrive this year.

Nikon D7K, 200mm, f/5.6, 1/80, Spot Metering, Manual Exposure.

EPSON V500 Photo Scanner

I’ve just finished configuring the Epson V500.   I had trouble exporting files from the Scanner to Photoshop Elements 10.  I had the Scanner set up to save/export files in the tif format but I couldn’t get them into Elements.  After a couple of attempts it dawned on me Elements wasn’t  speaking the same language.  A quick change in file preferences fixed the problem.  I’m quite impressed with the quality of the scans.  One can save files all the way up to 1200 dpi.   So far, I’ve concentrated solely on new slides.   Gotta try it out on 35mm film and prints.  Stay Tuned.  See you next time on most of this same Site.

One thought on “Made In The Fade

  1. Your photo is really beautiful to see…Sounds like you are really enjoying that scanner…

    The technology really gets me at times, too…I can spend hours trying to figure out one little problem. Sometimes, I get it, and sometimes I don’t… I’m glad that you figured out the file preference…Mission accomplished!

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