Back To My Roots

I’ve been addicted to Photography for a very long time and thanks to my new Epson V500 Photograph/Film Scanner I’ve been retracing my roots in the discipline.  It’s been fun going back through the boxes and boxes of slides.  Some dating back to 1965.  This one is from the early 70’s. 

Shot in Lubec, Maine, it’s a view of Johnson’s Bay from my sister’s kitchen window.  (She lives further down the coast now …with I might add, equally fabulous scenes)   I must have shot up an entire 36 shot roll of Ecktachrome on this one sunset but it was worth it. I didn’t know the term “Bracketing” in those days but that’s exactly what I was doing with my trusty old Minolta SRT 101….taking basically the same view with different settings.   So far, I’ve posted two of this scene on my web site and I’ve already sold one of them.  A compliment to the Epson Scanner which did an amazing job on this 40 plus year old slide. Thanks for the look. See you next time on most of this same site.

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