The View From Tom’s Porch

I’ve always had a kinship with Thomas Jefferson.  We share the same birthday.   When I was in School in Washington,  I would go down to the Tidal Basin at Cherry Blossom time every April and take a shot of the Jefferson Memorial and send it to my sisters unsigned.   A subtle reminder of my upcoming birthday and the expected tribute.  I had no shame in those days.  I’ve been to our third President’s home, Monticello, in Albemarle County near Charlottesville  many times over the years but only once on an assignment.  As I recall it was to cover a swearing in ceremony for new American Citizens.   I was always one to get there early and stay late.  After all the festivities were done,  I grabbed my F100 and walked the grounds.  I think this is my favorite shot from that day.  A view from Mr. Jefferson’s porch of the Shenandoah Valley with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Distance. As view go, it just doesn’t get better than this in my book.

The overcast sky and the mist only amplified the mood.  I’ve never forgotten the day and just recently I found the Kodachrome film I used to shoot it.  It’s about 10 or 11 years old now and has held up rather well.  Ah the memories.   Thanks for the look. See you next time on most of this same site.

One thought on “The View From Tom’s Porch

  1. It is interesting to me to look at this shot you took 10 years ago. I see the same love of a wide expanse of landscape and sky in the photos you take today..Interesting how looking at old photos helps you to relive special moments as well.

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