Lady Banks Makes Her Grand Entrance

My wife’s Lady Banks Rose literally exploded in bloom this week.  One day it wasn’t and the next….boom! There it was. Known as a vigorous climber,  It, along with a Black Eyed Susan Vine has taken over an arbor here on the farm.  The “Susans” will bloom this summer but for now and for several more weeks, Lady Banks has the stage.

Native to China, it’s said to have grown in gardens there for centuries.  Most popular is the Yellow Lady Banks Rose which was brought to Europe in the early 1800’s.  A robust bloomer, the flowers are double or semi-double with petals replacing stamens.  Another unusual characteristic:   unlike other roses, it is pretty much thornless.  One has to be careful not to linger too long under the arbor while the Lady Banks is blooming. It’s smell is of violets and one can almost get high drinking it all in.

The Farm Name Brains say  if you want to grow one, put it in full sun or partial sun; give it something to climb on;  water often until it becomes established and keep it under control.  It grows quickly and pruning is a must but…….remember, The Lady Banks blooms on old wood so go easy on the cutting.   My thanks to the Name Brains for supplying the liner notes.   I just dug the hole.  Oh and took the picture.  See you next time on most of this same site.

One thought on “Lady Banks Makes Her Grand Entrance

  1. What an interesting rose…The varigated leaves are a little different, aren’t they, but beautiful in their own way…The color is right on. Your photograph tells a story on its own….Well done and interesting information in your blog!

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