Cloud 9

I had ventured out into the high field late yesterday afternoon, maybe 15 minutes before sunset to check on the effectiveness of the weed killer the guys had put down several days ago.  We’re getting ready to start  plowing for the spring planting.  Anyway I had brought along a camera and a wide angle expecting to get a nice shot of the sun sinking behind the big Lob Lolly Pines.    What I got instead was this humongous cloud hanging just above the trees.  Back lit by the setting sun, it was, well….memorable.

I thought I’d call this one Cloud 9.  I haven’t a clue what Cloud 9 should look like but I rather suspect it would be big!  And this was big. Huge!  I cropped out most of the field (the weed killer had done its job and left everything brown) to concentrate on the sky.  It was one of those Dick Enberg moments…..”Oh My”!  See you next time on most of this same site.

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