North To Alaska

Of all my photography adventures,  this one might  just be at the top of the heap: A flight over Glacier Bay, the Juneau Ice Fields and the Harding Glacier (Named after Warren G, the first President to visit Alaska.  No relation by the way).   The views were positively breathtaking. You cannot appreciate the wildness of Alaska until you fly over it for a couple of hours.  Just mind numbing.    This a view of the Juneau Ice Fields shot on Kodachrome with a 28mm on a Nikon F100.  I remember taking 20 rolls of Ektachrome and Kodachrome with me and I shot up every single roll.   The plane itself was a kick.   A classic DeHaviland Float Plane.  Putting down on the pristine Taku River was one of those experiences you never forget.  DeHaviland, a British Airplane Manufacturer who built the first passenger jet, is long gone now,   but the name lives on with hundreds of DeHaviland models still flying around the world. See you next time. About the Same Time, Same Station.

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