High Flyer

All the elements were there for one of those memorable sunrises., mainly lots of scattered clouds in the predawn hour.  But….by the time I got out to the field the sky was completely overcast.  Sometimes though, patience pays off.  About ten minutes after the Sunrise, the cloud cover began to break up revealing some gorgeous patches of blue and a very timely military jet climbing above the sun.

By the time I got back to house for breakfast, it was overcast again and it stayed that way for the rest of the day.


If you  read my blog on anything approaching a regular basis you have no doubt picked up on my drooling for a full frame Digital Camera.  I’ve never had one.  When I wanted a full frame shot, out came the Nikon F100 with a roll of Provia inside. When Nikon announced the D800 with its 36 megapixel full frame sensor I had hot flashes but I knew I could not justify that kind of money for a camera that has more juice than I would ever use for what I do  but I started to think that maybe, just maybe  prices would ease on the D700 in wake of the new replacement model.    I called the good folks at Adorama.  Prices had come down to a point that put me in the picture and they had a brand new one  with my name on it.  I jumped at it.  It’s on the way.  I should have it in time for some commercial work this coming weekend.  I am so looking forward to it.

With the D700 coming, I’m looking to sell a very nice, seldom used Nikon D90 camera body.  I bought the camera new about a year ago to serve as a backup to the D7000 so its  spent most of its life as an understudy in the camera bag.  Very few snaps.  Original box, all the accessories, most never even opened.  No Chips, Scratches, Dings or Dents.  Clean sensor. No dust.  Thought I’d mention it here before putting it on ebay.  Interested? Just email me and I’ll forward all the particulars.  Have a Great Weekend.  See you next time. Same Time Same Station.

One thought on “High Flyer

  1. Oh my…a D700…How fun is that….Glad that you are getting some commercial work as well….You certainly do a great job and know they will be pleased with whatever you do.

    Thank you for telling us about your camera for sell. Wish I needed another other one but at the moment I’m OK with what I have. I’ve heard many good things about the D90 though…I’m sure someone will really appreciate having it.

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