Everlasting Pea

You might have seen these and wondered what it is.   I did,   so I looked it up.  It’s called “The Everlasting Pea” . A wildflower, it grows along roads and in open spaces from Georgia into East Texas , Missouri and North Carolina from March to June.  We have an  entire  field of it.   In fact, one of the hands said the other day, “Too bad we can’t sell it by the bunch”.  No kidding.  It doesn’t grow very thick but back off a hundred yards or so and the field has a decided purple/blue tint to it.  It’s a perennial and like clockwork it shows up every year  right on schedule.  By the way, it produces seeds which are poisonous.   Good to know, Huh!   We have scads of wildflower books here on the farm but I only found  this in one: “Wildflowers Of The Southeastern United States.”   It’s a little book my wife picked up at a discard sale at the local library.  For 50 Cents!  What can you buy for 50 cents these days? See you next time on most of this same site.

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