Discovering River Dunes

River Dunes, North Carolina  is one of those exclusive places one doesn’t hear much about. At least I hadn’t and I consider myself rather well versed when it comes to the North Carolina Coast.   So when I got an assignment for a floral shoot at a rather large wedding and reception to be held at the River Dunes Harbor Club this past weekend,  I had not a clue where it was.  I had never heard of it.  So I did what everyone else in America Does, I Googled it!  Bingo!  Number one on the Google list.     River Dunes is a Boating Community in Pamlico County on the Pamlico Sound which of course is on the much traveled Intracoastal Waterway which winds down the Atlantic Seaboard.  As you might expect,  River Dunes boasts a marina which offers transient dockage along with guest cottages, waterfront homes and homesites.   It’s all very impressive.   The architecture has a distinct Coastal North Carolina flavor which flows seamlessly throughout the development.  I was particularly smitten with the small chapel on the property which was to be the site of the weekend wedding.

It’s pictured here  as the Arrangers worked their floral magic.   Carrying through with their Less Is More philosophy, they completed the look with two wreaths made of light blue Hydrangea blooms hung on the double doors which provide entry into the small Sanctuary.   It was a fitting  floral enhancement to a simple, elegant and charming structure.

You could put the little church inside the nearby Harbor Club many times over but the building hides its bigness quite well.  I was carried away with the understated nautical decor  particularly a grouping of very large black and white prints of the iconic “J” class America’s Cup Racers from the 30s.  Seeing those classic photographs of Rainbow, Ranger, Endeavour and the rest of these elegant super yachts served as a  poignant reminder that one doesn’t have to be a billionaire  to appreciate the beauty of yacht design.  Often I am put off by the inherent snobbery that seems to permeate many developments like this but not here.  Not a trace of it.   After all, this is North Carolina.  See you next time.

2 thoughts on “Discovering River Dunes

  1. What a beautiful little church and perfect setting for an intimate wedding……It is not showy but perfectly delightful….I’m glad that you were invited to take photograph for us to see as well. Thank you! Sounds like a magical place…..

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