If You Have to Ask…….

……You Probably Don’t Have Enough!    A famous quote attributed to Financier J.P. Morgan who was speaking of the price of private yachts.  Morgan knew what he was talking about.  During his lifetime,  he owned a  string of very large private yachts.  All were named “Corsair”,  the last being the SS Corsair IV.    Huge yachts, powered and sail,  took a powder during the great depression but today you’ll see hundreds of them plying the Intracoastal Waterway which runs from Maine to Florida.  I spotted this one, the “Indiscretion” tied up at the fueling dock at the River Dunes Marina in Eastern North Carolina over the weekend.

A little Googling turned up some details about “Indiscretion”.  She is owned by a private corporation,  (Indiscretion Inc.) incorporated in Delaware.    One search turned up Howard Stern as the owner.  The yacht is 118 feet long with a beam of 24 feet.  Indiscretion accommodates 8 passengers and carries a crew of five.  The yacht was built in Maine in 1995.  Registered in Tenafly, New Jersey, its home port is Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is said to cruise the Bahamas, South Florida and the North East US.    The yacht is powered by two diesels driving twin props.  I didn’t get close enough to see what the tab was on the pumps when they finished fueling but  like ole JP said, if you gotta ask, you probably ain’t got enough.   Maybe in another life.   See you next time.

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