Asiatic Lily

It wasn’t that long ago that we were growing entire greenhouses filled with these Asiatic Lilies.  Unlike the Orientals which we also grew, the Asiatics did not require that much special handling.  Cut when the buds are still tight but just beginning  to show a bit of color, pack them  10 to a bunch in plastic sleeves,  place in a bucket of water with a shot of preservative and off to the wholesaler.  Orientals of course are much bigger.  We used to ship ours in 50 gallon plastic drums.  Only five to a bunch.  Very heavy.  The ever increasing price of bulbs from Holland and imported lilies from South America forced us out of the mass lily biz.  We still grow a few in the field now mostly for our own pleasure.  We even get to see them bloom now.  See you next time.

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