Waiting on the Sun

I had spotted this pure white Amaryllis two days ago while on my daily three mile walk around the farm, but the sun had passed it by so I made a mental note to come back the next day.  I got there a tad early but only had to wait on the sun for maybe ten minutes.  This is the result.   To be honest, I was much more lathered up with the green bokeh than with the flower which was beginning to show its age.  Ain’t we all?   In fact, the composition here was chosen strictly to get the blurred green background (An azalea by the way) into the frame. Kinda adds a little zing to the shot I think.  One of my contacts on flickr asked me the other day if I ever used fill flash in my flower shots?   Very little and when I do its usually only in the winter with Camellias and Sasanquas.  I much prefer the natural light in the few hours after dawn and just before sunset.  It really is the best light of the day.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

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