Memorial Day

This photograph of the tombstone of William T. Johnson of the 13th North Caroina Infantry Confederate States of America seemed a fitting tribute for Memorial Day.  It’s widely documented that Memorial Day may have its roots in the practice of  Southern Ladies Organizations who placed  flowers each year on the graves of Confederate war dead even before the war ended.   Memorial Day  was not officially proclaimed until May 5, 1868 by the Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, General John Logan.  For many years, Memorial day honored only those who died in the American Civil War or as my Grandmother referred to it, “That Recent unpleasantness”.   It wasn’t until after the First World War that it was expanded to include all of the nation’s war dead.

This shot of Mr. Johnson’s grave  was taken in the private cemetery here on the farm. There are many graves of Civil War dead there, all of them veterans of the North Carolina Infantry.   Once every few years, relatives doing ancestral research on their families will show up here asking to be taken out to the field where the cemetery is located.  We are always glad to do so.  Rest In peace and honor all you gallant heroes.

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