Unsettled Weather

The last morning we saw the sun here. May 26th.  Nothing but Humid, Muggy, Foggy conditions with rain and storms  since with more to come.  A Tropical Storm is barreling up the coast with a ton of rain. One forecast predicts six inches. Really aside from a few breaks in the storms, most of the weekend on the coast has been largely a bust and for those hearty souls who did venture into the ocean, it was pretty dicey with dangerous rip currents.

I shot this with a full Neutral Density #8 Filter on a Nikon 18-35mm lens set at 35mm on a D700 Camera.  A split, graduated ND filter would have given more foreground details but alas, the one I have was not dense enough to handle the light. Thanks for the Look.

3 thoughts on “Unsettled Weather

  1. The photo looks great….I’m starting to try mine(ND8 filter) out….Unfortunately, I bought the ND8 filter for my long lens…I really need it for my wid angle lens, I think….Your photo is awesome….well done…I will keep trying…..:) Thank you for the tips…

    We were traveling to the East Coast of Florida and got caught in that storm…tornado warnings and all. We stopped about a mile from the tornado touchdown, I understand…no damage that I know of….but we sure got a down pour and lighting storm…thunder, too…Yikes! The good think is that we have internet service…yea!

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