Comfortably Rural

I had one of those nights. Couldn’t sleep.  Couldn’t turn the brain off.  It was 4AM and I was tired of staring at the ceiling.   I sat out on the front porch in the cool night air  for a while watching the lightning bugs do their dance routine.    I could just make out the clouds rolling in off the ocean and thought it might be worth it to grab the camera and make the two mile hike out to Twilight Field, so named because the dawn in the wide expanse of the field always seems to look more like twilight.  Clouds always make for a pretty dawn.  It took me about 15 to 20 minutes get there.    For once I had time to set up my  tripod and get set without having to rush things.  I hate that.  The light show in the sky is of course the headliner here with the different shades of blue, a tinge of purple and yellow/ orange. People who say once you’ve seen one field you’ve seen them all aren’t looking up.  I also liked the hue of the wild grass in the foreground.

This time of the year and right on through to late October,  the predawn hours are the best of the day in Southeastern North Carolina.  Its an oasis from the heat and humidity.   Once the sun clears the horizon though, the haze machine cranks up, the humidity hops on the elevator and the race is on to another 90+ day and one gets the feeling that everything is closing in.   My Great Aunt Myrtle always said it’s close in the summer down south.  It is but if you get up real early, You’ll find a little space.

I shot this with a Nikon D700.  It’s old hat now, replaced by the high resolution D800 but I still love the 700.  I’ve never owned a camera with so much talent in low light.  Even at ISO 6400 there’s hardly any noise.  Have a very large weekend and thanks for the look.

4 thoughts on “Comfortably Rural

  1. What a photo…and image. magnificent….well worth the walk….I’m interested in what you say about the D700 low light ability…I always have trouble with noise in low light conditions, but I’m a Canon girl…due to the fact that I already have so many Canon lens, ect. I will start talking to some Canon folks about the noise problem that I have. You sure don’t having any problem with your Nikon though. very impressing photography with your Nikons…..That is good…

    • The D700 has a resolution of 12 point something megapixels, puny by current standards and probably about half of what your Canon has…yet…..the 700’s full frame sensor (35mm film size) and larger light grabbing pixels spread out across that space give it a light sensitivity that is extraordinary. I routinely shoot at ISO 500 in the pre- dawn hours and that was the setting for the photo above. No tripod either. Nikon’s coming out with the D600 ..another full framer with 24 megapixels and I’ll probably eventually buy it but the D700 will stay in the bag for low light shots. Thanks for comment Dorothy.

  2. Isn’t this beautiful? The only time we get coolness it seems is in the early morning and even then the humidity of the summer is choking. Your Aunt Myrtle had it right. I keep seeing 100s in our forecast this week and I shudder to think we are off to another HOT summer. What a great view!

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