Back Door Bug

Sometimes you do get pleasant surprises with digital photography.  I was oblivious to the bug crawling up the back of this Sunflower until it popped up in the RAW conversion panel.  At first, I thought it was dust.  but when I put on my glasses, the dust had legs!  The bug and the bright bokeh makes the shot in my view. So a throw away became a keeper.

This is our first Sunflower bloom here.  The variety escapes me but its one of the smaller sunflowers were grow.    The birds and butterflies like the huge heads but the smaller heads are the big sellers with florists.  I shot this with a 60mm Macro, Nikon calls it a Micro.  Many photographers prefer  a longer macro/micro lens which allows for more space between the lens and the subject but the 60 works great for floral photography.   We have several acres of Sunflowers coming on so if you love sunflowers, stay tuned.

Thanks for the look and have a Great Sunday.

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