Sunrise Silhouette

Sunflowers at Sunrise in one of the fields here.  I checked the outside temperature reading in the truck before taking this shot and it was right at 80 degrees.  We topped out at 101 at 4 that afternoon and of course the evening brought the usual fast moving booming thunderstorm which only served to raise the humidity another few notches.  The Sunflowers just seem to swoon in this kind of super heat ….totally unfazed by the broiling weather.  August Awaits!   Stay Cool and Don’t get Thirsty.  Cheers.

One thought on “Sunrise Silhouette

  1. Gosh John, almost made it up to 80 here one day last week;
    and last night hit 53;
    only downside I can see: it’s lousy tomato weather 🙂

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