……..as in Degrees!  Factor in the Humidity, and it feels like 116!  Needless to say, we’re back in the super heat and the Sunflowers are loving it.  This one seemed to be positively swooning.

This is among the first shots taken with a new Nikon AFS 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 VR G lens.  Adorama still had these in stock even though Nikon has replaced it with a 24-85mm D version which I swear is not as sharp.  It’s the first mid range zoom I have owned (  I just made do with a 50mm)  but I love it.  I use it solely with the D700.

Have a Great Weekend and thanks for the look.

3 thoughts on “105

  1. 105! That is hot…your sunflowers look happy though, that is a good thing….

    Your new lens is nice….I’m about to buy a good wide angle for my Canon. Hope to make the decision before the end of August….There are a lot of good ones out there….I’d love to get a 2.8 to improve my low light photography, but they really are expensive….I haven’t quite decided which one will work best for me ,yet….

    Your image looks fantastic with great sharpness….I am impressed….You made me start dreaming about my new lens-to-be….:)

  2. 2.8 is a pretty fast crowd….you might take a look at the Adorama and B and H sites on the net and check out the factory refurbished and used lenses. I’ve bought several nikon refurbished lenses and in every way except price, they are new.

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