Tobacco Row

Tobacco ripening on a neighboring farm. We sold our tobacco allotment years ago to capitalize a flower business.  The humidity took a bit of a vacation this particular morning as evidenced by the deep blues in the sky.   One of the TV meteorologists said the other evening that we are done with the super heat this summer.  I sure hope he’s right.   Have a Great Evening and thanks for the look.

2 thoughts on “Tobacco Row

  1. I love the perspective for this one and the blues of the sky are so rich. The lower humidity makes me think of fall. I hope the true high temperatures are a thing of the past, at least for this year. Take care!

  2. How beautiful the sky is. Glad the heat has ebbed in your location….Am afraid we have the heat now…triple digits daily…too hot…

    Flowers are better for you than tobacco…Glad you sold your allotment..:) Pretty plant and field though..

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