Sunrise at the Grassy Knoll

Sunrise on the 14th of August in the high field here on the farm.  All of the rain we’ve had this summer coupled with the heat has  resulted in phenomenal grass growth here.  Almost overnight the field grass will cover your ankles and within a week be halfway up your calf.  Ditto for the weeds.  Lately to control it in the field, we’ve simple been plowing it under.  Have a Great Evening and Thanks for the look.

Shot with a Nikon D700 at 18mm with a grad neutral density filter to stop down the sky.



2 thoughts on “Sunrise at the Grassy Knoll

  1. Look at those cattails…and the sunrise…a grand view…..The filter is awesome and the image beautiful.

    I’m seriously looking at the TOKINA 11-16MM F2.8 ZOOM LENS FOR A WIDE ANGLE LENS. I’m hoping that might be a good lens to work with for my wide angle shots….What do you think? I think I want the f2.8 for the low light shots that I love….Anyway….That is what I’m thinking about right now…

    • I’ve never owned a Tokina lens but I’m sure it will work well for you. I just bought a Nikon 24-85mm for my D700 (full frame) and it gives a marvelous wide view. I also have a trusty Nikon 18-35 which is what I used on the above shot. It’s as good today as when I bought it eons ago. Happy Shooting.

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