7 thoughts on “Muscadine Grapes

  1. Interesting.  Just yesterday I had posted this message to friends:

    I picked up a container of scuppernong grapes at WholeFoods on Saturday purely for sentimental reasons. My grandmother had a vineyard with scuppernongs and all manner of table grapes. Tonight I pulled the bowl of chilled scuppernongs out of the frige and served them with my dinner. They were the sweetest things and brought back memories of my grandmother’s own sweet muscadines. After my grandmother’s death, her plantation was sold, and the purchaser levelled everything to the bare ground and converted the vineyards and the meadows and lanes and everything to cleared fields suitable for planting with modern equipment. Now her vineyards are trampled down and destroyed like all the vineyards in the Bible used by the prophets and disciples in many parables to teach us. Tell me now, what fool would cut down a vineyard of sweet scuppernong grapes which had been growing and yielding sweet fruit for generations? Not only are they delicious, but according to the package, they are “a powerhouse of antioxidants and anti-inflamatory benefits.” 


    • A very poignant yet familiar story in the south William. Fortunately , some of these old vines survive and thrive which happily is the case here. Thanks for the thoughts and the visit.

    • Thanks. I wish there was a scratch and sniff feature on the internet…..to catch a whiff of these sweet grapes to be transported back to earlier times. Thanks for the comment and the visit.

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