Showy Crotalaria

Crotalaria is an annual wildflower that grows in fields, orchards, and roadsides.  roadsides wildflower that grows from East Texas up into Tennessee, North Carolina and South East Virginia.  Any part of the plant is poisonous especially the seeds.  Grow these is said to reduce or eliminate nematodes in the soil.

Nikon D600, 24-85mm lens.

Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

3 thoughts on “Showy Crotalaria

  1. Is that called milk weed, too? Just curious…I know milk weed turns cows milk sour, my grandma told me…I know it was a yellow wild plant of some kind….It is very pretty to look at….What are nematodes? I’ll have to look that word up..:)

      • Gee if you ever see some milk weed will you take a photo for me. I’d love to see what grandma was talking about….They lived on a farm and sure got upset with the thought of milk weed in the pasture, I remember that!

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