Harvest Moon

A touch of field fog acts as a natural polorizer for this shot of the Harvest Moon over a field of Soybeans at dawn earlier this week.  Soybeans turn a vivid goldish brown when they mature and start to dry prior to harvest which won’t come until sometime after Thanksgiving.  This was one of those mornings when I wish I had brought along my tripod.  It would have made for a far more sharper image of the moon but then again the fuzzy moon coupled with the ground fog creates a rather interesting mood.  The bare areas in the field are indicative of how close we are to the ocean.  The soil is quite sandy,  to the point of being almost white.  Have a great weekend and thanks for the look.

2 thoughts on “Harvest Moon

  1. Beautiful moon. I enjoyed seeing it here in California as well.

    I sure am having problems with my wordpress account. My photos won’t come up on the site but they do come up on the emails out. weird….Have you had any problems? Just curious…

    • Dorothy….Often you just need to delete the cookie for Word Press in your Cache, close out your browser and go back to the site to renew the cookie. This works for me when things go whacky.

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