The Long Way Home

There must be some kind of law of anticipation or expectations at work with me when I venture out into the field each morning with the camera.  Some variation of Murphy’s Law perhaps.   I say this because those days when  I look forward to a spectacular light show in the dawn sky seldom if ever pan out to be as grand as I had anticipated. Sometimes, but not often.   Conversely, those mornings which have a distinct blah look to them at first glance  almost always wind up being memorable.  Why is that?  Whatever, this was one of those blah mornings.  I figured I would take my D700 ..and make a detour to the field on my way to get the morning paper… know, just in case.  Good thing.   As  I  crossed the causeway over dry creek and made the slow right turn on the path which leads to the fields,  I saw the ground fog forming and I had an inkling nature was preparing a vivid scene.   The dense maples which line one side of the path were filled with retina frying color.  I knew when the sun came up, illuminated the ground fog and the vivid color in the trees,   all I had to do was find some kind of composition and I would have a decent shot.  The image above was my first take.   It’s such a simple little composition but the golden brown  of the soybeans in the field,  the various green shades of the grass on the path and of course the brilliant foliage of the Maples all came together.    As I walked home quite pleased with my little outing,  it occurred to me that if all our notions and expectations panned out exactly as we thought,  life wouldn’t be much of an adventure.   There is one rule or law that always applies though.  Don’t leave the camera behind.  You never know what you’ll find on the long way home.  Have a great evening and thanks for the visit.

One thought on “The Long Way Home

  1. I have to agree with your on your blog today. Things don’t always pan out as you like, but sometimes things turn out better as this photo shows. I just love the all colors and the ground mist. This image is a beauty!

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