Slogging through the Wetlands

I always make it a point to stay out of the wetlands during the warmer months of the year.  For one thing,  there are too many snakes swimming around.  For another,  gaining access is difficult. We’ve never cleared the edges of the wetlands of the dense undergrowth and briars.  It serves as a natural barrier for people, namely hunters,  but Saturday I donned my waders and gave it a slog.  I had almost waited too long for my visit.  Many of the trees had already dropped their leaves but there was just enough color left to make things pop.

This was taken deep in a swampy area which is home to many wood ducks as evidenced by the wood duck box on the tree to the center right of the frame.  I didn’t see any wood ducks that day but I did manage to disturb quite a few Canada Geese who honked their displeasure at my invasion of their territory.   After about two hours, I started my trek back to dry land.  It was slow going.    When I got home I was totally exhausted.  It’s amazing how much energy one expends slogging through water.   And there’s also a bit of stress involved.  You can’t see the bottom so one has to probe with a pole to make sure your next step doesn’t send you and the camera into the murky, cold water.    Still it’s worth it.  I love the solitude and I hope the pictures speak for themselves.     Thanks for the look and the read.  Have a great evening.

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