Soybean Soup: The price of Fog

soybean SoupS

Soupy fog in the soybean field at dawn.  Low lying morning fog is pretty much an  everyday thing here because of the ocean, the nearby wetlands or both which is to say fog is almost always local.    Fog, by the way, is distinguished from mist only by its intensity.

Speaking of fog,  if you breathe on your lens to fog it up before  cleaning,  a warning from the folks at Nikon.  Nikon Rumors reports the company has put out a warning that human breath can contain harmful acids which can damage the coating on your lens.  It figures that Nikon ought to know. After all, they are an optical company.    It got me to wondering about breathing on one’s glasses before cleaning them with a lens cloth or your necktie or whatever.  I’ve known for a long time that human sweat can damage the coatings on eye glass lens but I’ve never heard anything about not breathing on them.    I had to have lenses in my glasses replaced a couple of years ago  because sweat from my brow got on them.  Suffice to say it wasn’t cheap, but it was probably pocket change compared to losing a big slr camera lens. Some pros tote around huge telephotos that weigh in at 6 thousand dollars or more.  Most Nikon lenses are north of 600 bucks.  The really fast lenses carry tags of a thousand or more.   A  Bottom line: watch what you breath on.  Have a Great Sunday Evening Everbody

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