Seeing It Again For The First Time



I’ve been living here on the family farm for just over a decade now with hardly a day going by that I haven’t been out and about with my cameras.  If there’s a scene or perspective I have missed, I have not a clue where or what it would be.    It would certainly appear that I have completely exhausted the subject matter here but that is not the case.  Seasons change, the sky changes and the light changes with each and every day making the old scenes look new, ie…seeing it again for the first time.    The shot above is a case in point.  It’s one of my favorite views on the farm and I have photographed it many times.  The view is from the apex of the high field looking down the path past Central Grove, the private Civil War Graveyard and beyond to the sheds and Greenhouses.  The star of the show in this view is, of course, the sky which in the moments before sunrise, takes on a momentary stunning hue.  Every day brings something new out of something that is very old.  Have a Great Evening and Thanks for the Look.

One thought on “Seeing It Again For The First Time

  1. A delight to see the joy of the sunrise, and the joy of each new day bringing on a new experience and view from you. It is wonderful to see your appreciate for each new day via your camera, and for you to share it with the rest of us that might not have such a grand view each morning. Fantastic and thank you!

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