Sandpiper In The Surf

Sandpiper In The Surf

Taken in the Surf at Duck on the North Carolina Outer Banks.


As some of you who follow my blog may know,  I’m an old veteran of the broadcast news wars.  In my 40 plus years as a reporter, anchor, news manager etc….I came face to face with many unspeakable crime and accident scenes from aircraft crashes to horrible wrecks and murder scenes  but I don’t think anything comes close to what has unfolded today at an elementary school in Connecticut where 26 people were shot to death including 20 children, some of them five years old.  Five years old!   You know, just when  when you think it can’t get any worse,  it always does.   After so many of these mass shootings  with almost predictable regularity, one has to wonder if this is the new normal, the new ordinary?   Or, have we finally reached the point, finally, where it has gotten so bad so often with the victims so innocent that the powers that be finally get together and do something to combat it?   Pray for the victims.

One thought on “Sandpiper In The Surf

  1. The news was horrible today… just horrible… why? It makes no sense, does it? My heartaches for the victims of this horrible deed…

    There must be someway to recognize the insanity of folks planning these deeds….and do something before it happens….Evil is evil no other way of looking at it. I understand what you are saying about the direction society is going. These times are scary for sure.

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