The Far Pavilion


Shot at Daybreak on the Outer Banks of North Carolina near the Town of Duck.

I visit the Outer Banks on a regular basis but it had been years since I actually drove into the Town of Duck.    I had always viewed Duck as a wonderful oasis from the seemingly runaway development that has swept up and down the Outer Banks from Nags head to Southern Shores.  Things have changed.  A slick new sign announces your arrival.   The quaint little black and white sign that just read “Duck” is long gone.  Highway 12 which had been a rather charming  two lane road has been urbanized:  widened to multiple lanes to accommodate all of the traffic development has brought.    Gated communities abound, filled with towering, multilevel beach castles; many tall enough to give their owners a view of both the Ocean and the Sound.  Development, of course, is inevitable but you know, a part of me wishes I had not drove into Duck.  I liked that visual picture I had way back, when Duck was, well, just Duck.   Thanks for the look. Have a great evening.

One thought on “The Far Pavilion

  1. Seems like all these cute little oasis towns are changing. Seems like all we can count on is change these days…Sounds like is isn’t so ducky in DUCK, but it sure has an awesome shoreline ….nice capture.

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