Ocean Sunrise

Atlantic Sunrise


Shortly after Sunrise on the 31st of December at Southern Shores on the Outer Banks.  The ocean was quite calm on this particular morning except for some rather larger breakers about 50 yards offshore.  We  figured there was a rather long sandbar there which was triggering the crashing waves.   Beyond that point though, it was quite easy to spot Dolphins which were constantly jumping out of the water, apparently celebrating some good fishing.  Thanks for the Visit and have a Great Evening.


7 thoughts on “Ocean Sunrise

    • Thanks for the kind words. I seldom use any filter at all on beach sunrise shots. My usual practice is to meter the light on the water, not the sky and that is what I did this time. It really was a glorious morning.

      • I would love for you to come do some photos of Belle Grove! I just love your photos! I could just image the sunsets through your lens! I could never come to that kind of photos!

      • I am quite flattered. Thank you again for the kind remarks and the invitation. I will certainly look into getting up your way, perhaps in the spring. Your wonderful blog had already planted the seed for a possible visit to Belle Grove and the Northern Neck where I spent many memorable days in my youth. Your marvelous email has redoubled my interest. Thank you again. John Harding

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