Winter Harvest

Winter Harvest

There is something to be said for a quiet, serene winter dawn.   Muted color and subdued light combine to create a very relaxing scene.  The pink/ orange glow is, of course, the reflection of the sun which is still below the horizon.   The peaceful tranquility only lasts a few minutes but it is always worth the early rise required to see it.   Admittedly easier this time of the year when the dawn comes rather late in the morning.   Soon  though, the sun will break,  the machines will crank up and the crews will resume the task of bringing in the soybean harvest.  Quite late this year due to a rash of wet and lately, freezing rain which is unusual for  coastal North Carolina.     The sky and light alone are enough to warrant the  shot in my book but on this particular morning the lines in the field created by the harvest machines and the remaining  patch of beans created a marvelous texture I thought.  A little icing on the cake.   Click on the photograph for a larger view. As always thanks for the visit and have a great eventing.


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