An American Goldfinch In his New Winter Suite

Blogged Feb. 3rd, 2013

We don’t see Goldfinches here much during the course of the year but in the winter months, they seem to be everywhere.   I snared this one down near the Wetlands here on the farm the morning after a pretty wicked ice storm.  (Click on the Photograph for a larger look)  It was not the best day to hole up in a makeshift, unheated Bird Blind but one does what one must do.  There must have been 20 of them all nestled in a leafless River Birch Tree.  They seemed to be trying to decide if the freezing rain had indeed stopped before resuming their never ending search for food.  In other words, they were still which made getting a good sharp shot far easier.     I’ve had pretty good luck with bird shots over the past year using a Nikon D7000 with a 300mm lens.  The D7000 of course has a smaller sensor than the big Nikon Full Frame Cameras I use most of the time which gives it a much better reach.  Because of the crop factor on the D7K,  that  300mm lens becomes a 400mm.     It really is the perfect camera for wildlife.  Have a great evening and thanks for the visit.

2 thoughts on “An American Goldfinch In his New Winter Suite

  1. Second attempt to comment….Hope it works this time and isn’t a double comment…

    Love your bird and image. Looks like you used perfect setting for this capture…Just attended a photoworkshop and the instructor suggested ISO 400 and f 5.6 as a standard setting for birds. I’ve been giving that a try lately…I’ll try anything..ha….

  2. For birds, I almost always shoot in aperture priority at f/8 or f/9 with the absolute lowest ISO I can get away with. On cloudy days, that’s usually 200 or perhaps 250. Of course this requires a tripod which for me is a must on bird shots. As for metering, Always Spot Metering.

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