The Far Pavilion

Blogged February 6th, 2013

I got an email the other day asking if I shoot in the RAW Format (Nikon calls its Raw format NEF) and whether I have my cameras set to vivid.  I do shoot everything in RAW for the simple reason that doing so preserves everything the sensor “sees”.   In other words, the image is not compressed.  The downside is that RAW files are very large so your memory card will fill up much quicker.  For me, its worth the tradeoff.  As for camera settings,  all of my cameras are set to “Camera Standard”.   I found  the vivid setting really overly saturates color.   For years, I preferred highly saturated color but in my old age,  I suppose I have mellowed a bit.  This, of course, is a sunrise on the coast taken at Duck on the outer banks.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

One thought on “The Far Pavilion

  1. The last year and a half, I’ve shot everything in .RAW and regret not doing so earlier.

    I’m dreaming of one day going to visit the Outer Banks. That’s how I came across this blog, because i searched for it. Often wondering what it’s like to live there. The only times we hear about it, is Cape Hatteras on the weather forecast 😉

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