The February Surprise


Well, not really.  We knew it was coming.  The surprise was the prediction.  We haven’t had a flake in three years so when the weather service put the chance of snow at 80 percent for overnight Friday and Saturday morning,  we were skeptical to put it mildly.  The high on friday had been in the upper 60’s!  Sure enough, Saturday morning what began as rain turned over to snow and withing a few hours we had two inches of it on the ground.  There was just enough time to get out to the bird blind and grab a few shots of a very surprised Northern Cardinal.  By last night, the snow had turned back to rain and by this morning, the big melt was well underway and things began returning to normal.  Have a Great Evening and thanks for the look.

One thought on “The February Surprise

  1. Wow! You got snow … and wow again — the Cardinal! They’re common around here, or so they tell me, but still … after five years, I haven’t seen one. Let alone photographed one!

    The blizzard we’re having right now is much worse than last weeks … it was brewing off Cape Hatteras and now it’s here … howling! 🙂

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