Photo Of The Day: Southwester


My first glimpse of the field showed a perfectly clear morning with a slight glow of warm yellow from the still below the horizon sun.   Then I crossed the causeway and got the full view and there it was, a huge bank of cloud cover slowly moving in from the Southwest.   The tinge of pink on the leading edge softened the feeling of impending doom somewhat  but it looked pretty serious.   It was.   An hour later the rain moved in and treated us to a day of  downpour the likes of which we had not seen in a while.    The shot seems to perfectly characterize my day today, a good chunk of which I spent with our tax guru who gave me the wonderful news as to how much the government is going to extract from me.   Lets just say it was a rather painful financial enema.  And that dear friends explains why I am rather late with today’s offering.   I hope your day was better.  Watch out for them Southwesters!.  Thanks for the visit and have a great evening.

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