Photo Of The Day: Southern Belles

Southern BellesThe Azaleas started blooming here in mid March which is about the earliest anyone can remember.   They were quick victims of the almost weekly frosts but now that warmer weather has finally arrived, the blooms have resumed their parade of color.   These red flowers are on a very old formosa variety.

If you’re interested in photojournalism I call to your attention the work of Ron Haviv which is featured today in the New York Times Photography Blog “Lens”.   You’ll find it in the “Links”  listing on this page.  Scroll to “Photography In The Docket”.   Haviv’s very moving and disturbing shots of the Bosnian War of 1992 have been used as evidence in War Crimes Trials.  Unable to stop the “ethnic cleansing”  he used his camera to bring the slaughter of  innocents to worldwide attention.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Southern Belles

  1. The photo journalism was heartbreaking to see, but good photo journalism….Thank you for bring it to our attention…His photo tells a story in so many ways…I will not forget that one…I’m glad it is in the New York Times. The story needs to be told.

    Your azaleas made me feel better….they are so healthy and fresh…They are beautiful….

  2. This post has been awarded the Ashlee Craft Awesome Post Award and has been reblogged to the home of this award, It’s such a beautiful photo – the lighting on the flowers brings out their pink hue perfectly, and the overall effect is absolutely stunning! 🙂

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