Photo Of The Day: Spring Jazz


The bright golden yellow trumpet flower blooms of wild Carolina Jasmine can be an awfully tempting choice for a climbing vine to trail on a fence or arbor but be advised, it is near impossible to control and very difficult to eradicate.  We’ve had to dig up huge clumps of it in the woods where it threatened to completely inundate pines and oaks and most anything else it comes in contact with.  Even so, I still fall for those gorgeous  blooms particularly after a long colorless winter.  Thanks for the look. Have a great evening and a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Spring Jazz

  1. The flowers on the vine are so pretty, but those vines are bad news when they take over…You can’t judge a book by the cover can you…nor can you judge a vine by the flower…Regardless, those flowers are beautiful.

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