Photo Of The Day: White Azaleas

275a.editedWhite azaleas are always a challenge for me.   The problem is getting the white balance right. I ttried all of the presets and none really measured up.  It was either too yellow or dingy or gray.   I decided to try getting a custom white balance right from the blooms.   I often resort to this when shooting indoors and not wanting to use a flash but this was a first outside.    I was so pleased I thought I would post it, sore neck not withstanding.  Thanks for the visit and have a great evening

3 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: White Azaleas

  1. I’m afraid we are addicted to our photography and sharing….Listen to your neck though…
    Your white balance is right on….Your flowers image is beautiful and a treasure for folks to see…Thank you!

  2. Fantastic!

    I do this so seldom, so I almost forget how to set it that way. Had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ a great white egret the other day, and I would have wanted to do it, but there was no time 🙂

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